The project involves research and development activities for the design of operational research models and semantic algorithms capable of self-generate tourist itineraries, allowing their consultation through conversational interfaces. The first part of the project includes the experimental development of a social media monitoring component, able to track social networks, investigating information and widespread tendency, to capture data and trends about most visited sites by users.Subsequently, it is expected to turn the unstructured information obtained from social media monitoring into point of interest (POI), equipped with GPS coordinates.

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Me-Source Srl, since 2007 is leader in Italy in the field of social media intelligence. It offers a wide range of social media monitoring and analytics tools that combine with a team of analysts, researchers and strategists who are experts in social media dynamics.

The Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering (DIMEG), activated in November 2012, is a strategic reference point for the University of Calabria for didactic, research and technological transfer activities in the field of industrial engineering.

The following pre-existing structures have joined the Department of Humanities Studium, established on May 14, 2012: Department of Artistic, Musical and Performing Disciplines - DAMS; Department of Philology, Linguistics and Classical Tradition "Augusto Rostagni"; Department of Orientalism; Department of Language Sciences and Modern and Comparative Literature; Department of Literary and Philological Sciences. The Department also collects and continues the tradition of humanities cultivated at the Faculties of Letters and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Education Sciences.



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